Friday, May 20, 2011

New Missionaries Arrived on Tuesday, May 17 2011

Sister Howe, Santiago Airport

Six wonderful new missionaries arrived on Tuesday May 17, 2011. We loved them instantly. They are dedicated and happy. They speak Spanish really well already. Sister Howe lost her jacket on the plane, so President loaned her his jacket to stay warm.

Church Office Building Orientation With New Companions!
Santiago Temple

New Missionaries Arrived on Tuesday, May 17 2011

Elders Romero, Ramirez, President Laycock, Sister Laycock
Church Office Building

Elders Martin, Romero, Ramirez, Powell
Church Office Building

11 Faithful Missionaries Returned Home May 16 and 17

President Laycock, Sister Matos, Sister Laycock
Santiago, Airport

Sister Matos served faithfully in many assignments.
We will miss her tremendously.

Elders Cuevas, Caligari, Sister Laycock, President Laycock, Sister Matos,
Elder Tello, Elder Deviaggi, Elder Ortega
Santiago Airport

Each one of these missionaries has been a huge blessing to our mission.
We love them dearly.

Sister Matos and Sister Laycock, Santiago Airport

11 Faithful Missionaries Returned Home on May 16 and 17

Saying good-bye is always a tough time for us.

President Laycock, Sister Laycock, Elders Wassom, Hasler, Burton
Santiago, Airport

We will always love these obedient, happy, loving missionaries!
They have served faithfully and done all they have been asked to do.


The La Dehesa Ward will be getting a new Bishop this week.
We will miss Bishop Ponszach and his dear family.

Ferrias are fun places in Santiago to visit.
Street vendors gather and sell food and other items.

We enjoy shopping through the ferrias.
The fruits and vegetables are really amazing and beautiful.

Bishop and Sister Araya

It's always nice to run into other Mission Presidents and their wives at the airport.
President and Sister Bruce serve in the Chile, Antofogasta Mission.

We love being with parents of our faithful missionaries.

Bishop and Sister Araya are a blessing to our Mission. We love them.

Elder Mondalgo and Elder Medina

Saying good-bye to faithful Elders such as Elder Mondalgo and Elder Medina was a bittersweet experience. We will miss them. They are both wonderful and faithful missionaries.

Finding Joy in the Journey

The joy of missionary work is a blessing to all of us. We met together on Monday, May 9 for a devotional all about the Love of the Lord. After, we had popcorn, empanadas, and watched an uplifting movie about missionary work. We absolutely love being with our missionaries. They always lift us and inspire us. They are wonderful people, and it is a privilege for us to serve with them.

Finding Joy in the Journey

We believe that we should strive to enjoy the entire experience of serving together in full-time missionary service. We always look for ways to enjoy what we are doing as we do the Lord's work in the Lord's way. We want our missionaries to find joy in their mission journey.

Elder Zuniga and President Laycock

Elder Zuniga and President Laycock
in the Chile, Santiago East Mission Office

As he completed his mission service in Chile, Elder Zuniga came to say good-bye to President Laycock. President Laycock baptized Elder Zuniga's father's family many years ago as a young missionary in Bariloche, Argentina. Elder Zuniga completed his mission as an assistant to President Bruce in the Chile, Antofogasta Mission.

Hermana Palmer Arrived in the Chile, Santiago East Mission in April 2011

President Laycock, Sister Zundel, Sister Palmer, Sister Laycock
Santiago Temple Garden

Sister Palmer arrived at the Santiago Airport all alone.
She was scheduled to come one week earlier with her group,
but due to health issues, she arrived a little later.
When we found her, she was visiting with the Chilean Spanish!!!
We knew immediately that she would be a tremendous blessing to our Mission!

Sister Palmer and President Laycock in Santiago.
Sister Palmer is another sweet angel to add to our Mission.