Friday, July 31, 2009

South Zone Conference #1 "El Libro de Mormon" July 29, 2009

After our Zone Conference with the South Zones, the Missionaries all stood and sang, "Love One Another" for the dear sisters who helped cook and serve the food. The Sisters cried when they heard our sweet choir of "missionary angels." We love to make people cry happy tears!!!

This is a table of sisters who are members of the South Zones. They work so hard, and they teach so well. We love our Sisters. They are beautiful!!! They are intelligent!!! They love the Lord!!!

North Zone Conference #1 "El Libro de Mormon" July 22, 2009

Our first Zone Conference (July 22, 2009) included all Zones from the North of the Mission. During this six-week change, we are all studying Chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel: "The Book of Mormon." We all came prepared to share a "discurso" (talk) from that chapter. President Laycock called upon 8 Missionaries to deliver their message. The Spirit spoke to all of us as we listened to inspired Missionary testimonies and direction about the Book of Mormon. President Laycock presented to us 20 points of convincing evidence about the Book of Mormon. He explained that as an attorney (in his former life) he enjoyed gathering evidence to "prove his case." He testified that the Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the Gospel and that the evidence of its truth is clear and convincing. He further testified that the most convincing evidence of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon comes to us as we study and ponder it so that we can personally experience the witness of the Holy Ghost.
Our lunch was "muy rico" very delicious! We enjoyed delicious bread, a lovely avacado salad, tomato soup, fried chicken, ham fried rice, and apple pie for dessert. The Missionaries nearly licked their plates clean! After lunch, Elder Quintana and Elder Jennings (Assistants to the President) presented 2 beautiful musical numbers, complete with harmony, and then they trained us in how to effectively use and maintain our Area Books, and how to "open our hearts" to share the gospel more effectively. We are working hard to do all we do with love. We want to share our hearts, not just our words. The Mission experienced great success this month through the diligent efforts of these extra-ordinary Missionaries.

The following week (July 29, 2009) was our 1st Zone Conference with the South Zones. We followed the same agenda, and we enjoyed the same special lunch. Once again, the Missionaries ate every morsel! Their appetites are almost as large as their testimonies! We love them, and we feel privileged to serve with them. Their "sonrisas" (smiles) are "buenissimas" (better than best).

Please continue to pray for the success of the Chile Santiago East Mission.
We feel your love and support.
We know our Savior is laboring with us in all we do.
We are planting seeds, and we are enjoying the fantastic fruits of the Harvest.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

8 Missionaries Leaving the Chile Santiago East Mission; 21 Arriving

8 Missionaries Leaving
Tuesday morning, the 13th of July in the dim light of dawn we walked quietly behind our departing Missionaries as they eagerly, but tearfully said good by to the snow-capped mountain peaks of Chile and entered the airport. Tears came to our eyes. We saw and felt the overwhelming power and love that these Missionaries are taking back to their various countries. In every way, they are ambassadors of truth and light to their countries. A window to heaven opened in that instant. We saw these wonderful young people as leaders in their Stakes and Wards. We saw them with wives and husbands and children all sealed together in the Temple. We felt what they will be able to accomplish with what they have experienced and learned. It is a miracle! This work is miraculous! We are blessed to be a small part of it and to see the goodness of it all.

21 Missionaries Arriving
The same morning we said goodbye to our 8 Missionaries, we received 21 new Missionaries. This includes Elder and Sister Day, a Senior Couple who will be serving in the office with us. We brought them all to the Mission Home. We are thrilled to have these new Missionaries join us here in Santiago in the Lord’s Vineyard. President Laycock had the opportunity to interview each new Missionary, and we can hardly wait to see the fruits of their labors. We are certain that many seeds have been planted and are ready to grow and be harvested as we nurture and care for them all. This is the Lord’s work. He works at our side every day. We love the people of Chile, and we love the Missionaries in the Chile Santiago East Mission.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Somos Chilenos



Our arrival in Chile on the morning of Tuesday, June 30 was glorious! Four of our wonderful Elders met us at the airport. President and Sister Moran put their name tags away, as we exchanged our English name tags for our Spanish ones. Santiago is a beautiful City, and we feel such sincere love from and for the Missionaries in our Mission; they are truly obedient and strong just as Elder Scott promised us they would be. We feel the overwhelming strength that comes from the prayers of all of you. Thank you!


We are grateful that our children have been able to be here with us, so that they could meet our Missionaries and help us with so many tasks that we just didn't have time to do. Our family has been richly blessed through this work, and we are committed to serve with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. Meeting every single Missionary during two short Zone Conferences in the first week was a thrill. President Laycock hugged every Elder. I hugged each beautiful Sister. We looked into their eyes and expressed our love to them. They immediately made us feel welcome and happy. We testify with all our heart that Heavenly Father loves these valiant Missionaries.


We feel His constant love for them flowing through us all the time. What a blessing! Each Missionary has his or her own challenges, and each one is learning and growing in ways that are uniquely individual. We are so blessed to be able to witness this growth. That is the beauty of the Lord's work: through the atonement, we are changed and strengthened so that we can come unto Christ and become like our Heavenly Father. When we are fully immersed in His service, we become what He wants us to become. Our Missionaries and the dear, sweet members of the Church in Santiago are teaching us so much about true Missionary work. It is really miraculous. President Laycock says he feels like he was "meant to be in Santiago."

He happily announces to everyone he sees: "Yo soy Chileno." Translation: "I am Chilean."