Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 New Missionaries Arrive in the Santiago East Mission

Twenty five new missionaries arrived today, November 30 2010. We picked them up at the airport in a bus because they are such a gigantic group. We filled the bus completely and needed even more space for luggage in two other vehicles. What a huge blessing for our mission! We immediately felt the monumental strength of each one of these Elders and Sisters. The power of their collective and individual testimony filled the air and gave us strength and inspiration. They are truly like the Army of Helaman. They are strong and brave and true.
We drove directly to the Santiago Temple where we oriented these faithful missionaries. We took a photo in the Temple Gardens which we will send to their parents today to let them know that their missionary arrived safely.

We received a warm welcome from Elder Amado, our Area President and Elder Corbridge, his first counselor. This was a special treat for us to get to hear their testimonies and receive their counsel as our twenty five missionaries begin their service.

It was a wonderful experience to introduce our new missionaries to their companions. We know the Holy Ghost guided President Laycock's decisions as he made these assignments. Once again we felt the overwhelming power that these missionaries have brought with them to add to our mission. We are so very grateful to the Lord for them and for their families. We love them very much, and we know that, just as Elder Amado promised them, they will experience miracles as they are obedient and faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a great privilege for us to serve with them and to know them.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Los que se van November 21 and 29 2010

Once again it was time to send a group of ten faithful missionaries home. It seems like the transfer days come around all to soon these days in the mission. These young people have been diligent servants of the Lord. They have worked so hard to do all they have been asked to do. They have been cheerful and loving in their service, and we will miss them very much. They have been a great blessing to the their Chilean brothers and sisters and to the other missionaries with whom they have served. We enjoyed the day we spent with them before they left, and we were impressed with the fervent testimonies they bore after having dinner with us in the mission home. We love them very much, and we know that our mission is better and stronger because of their examples of goodness and righteousness.

Primary Activity

President Laycock and some of our missionaries spoke to the Primary children in the Nunoa Stake during October. They all want to serve full time missions. It is a blessing to see our missionaries help young people to prepare to be able to serve missions. We need to work hard to encourage all young men and those young women who so desire to be worthy and ready to serve full time missions.

Mission Tour With Elder and Sister Corbridge

Once each year, each mission is blessed to have a mission tour with a member of the Area Presidency and his wife. They teach us and share with us the Gospel. We were blessed to have our mission tour with Elder and Sister Corbridge at the end of October this year. One half of the mission met with them one day, and then the next day the other half of the mission spent the day with them. We enjoyed them so much, and Elder and Sister Corbridge greeted each missionary personally. Our missionaries who are Spanish speakers worked hard to be able to greet them in English. We also had lunch with them and enjoyed their company. It is a great blessing to have Elder and Sister Corbridge in Chile. They do so much to strengthen and build the Lord's Kingdom.

Mission Tour With Elder and Sister Corbridge

Elder and Sister Corbridge shared many insights and helped us to strengthen our vision to baptize. We spent two delightful days learning from and with them. We love them and appreciate their consecration of time and talents and all that they are to do the Lord's work. We feel privileged to serve with them.

Mission Presidents' Seminar

During November, we (President and Sister Laycock) participated in a Seminar for all Mission Presidents and their wives. It was a wonderful time for us to learn more of the Lord's vision for His work in Chile. We were privileged to learn from Elder Robbins and his wife, Elder Amado and his wife, Elder Corbridge and his wife, and Elder Zeballos and his wife. What a blessing to be taught by members of the first Quorum of the Seventy! We treasure all that we learned, and we hope to be able to do what the Lord is guiding us to do in the Chile Santiago East Mission.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Nuevitos" Arrive on Tuesday October 19, 2010

Three Happy Hermanas and five Excellent Elders arrived with bright eyes and shining smiles on Tuesday morning October 19, 2010. We gathered them from the airport and took them directly to the Santiago Temple. In the Pocuro Chapel, we met with them, and President Laycock interviewed each of them. They expressed their excitement and their enthusiasm over and over as we oriented them, introduced them to their new companions, and sent them into their sectors for their first day of teaching. We love them already. They have brought a brightness that will bless our Mission in many ways. They are ready to work. They want to continue to learn the language. They are committed to the Gospel. They have strong testimonies. They are happy, and they are a wonderful addition to our Mission.

Nine Faithful Missionaries Go Home On October 18 and 19

Elder Carroll and Elder Livingstone look out over the Chile Santiago East Mission from the top of Cerro San Cristobal as they help us say good by to nine excellent Elders and Sisters
. Elder Livingstone will finish his last transfer cycle in the La Dehesa Ward. We love him and have enjoyed working with him as an Assistant to the President. He has served so well, and he truly loves every Missionary in our Mission.

We always enjoy spending the day with "los que se van" before they leave for home. It is so hard to say good by to them, but we know they have many great and wonderful experiences awaiting them. We love them very much. We feel blessed to know them.

Faithful Missionaries Return Home!

We spent the day on Friday October 15, 2010 with 9 excellent missionaries! We saw some important Santiago sights. We ate dinner at the Mission home. We shared testimonies, and we enjoyed one another's company. These missionaries have served faithfully. They returned to their families on Monday and Tuesday October 18 and 19, 2010. We will miss them more than they will ever know. They have served with all of their hearts, and they have learned and grown in miraculous ways. Because of their faithful service, they are now prepared to meet any challenge life may present to them. We are so thankful for their love and their willingness to accept every assignment the Lord gave to them with happiness and gratitude. They will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will always love them..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Signs of Spring

Finally...our little Chilean eggs hatched. This nest in the rafters of the Mission home patio is getting rather full as this sweet little family grows and matures. It will soon be time for the little ones to spread their wings and fly. We have enjoyed watching the patient parents sit hopefully on their nest and wait for their family to come. We will continue to watch until they gently nudge their babies out of the comfortable, safe nest to soar away on their own.

It reminds us of the many faithful parents of our Missionaries who have worked so patiently to teach their children, and now with great love and patience, they support and encourage their children in their excellent mission service. We are so grateful for the Lord's plan of happiness that allows us all to experience peace, joy, and happiness, to create strong family bonds, and to prepare ourselves to live with God again. (Estamos agradecidos por el plan de felicidad de Dios para la vida.)

More Chilean Miracles

The miraculous rescue of all 33 Chilean Miners was completed on October 13, 2010. This story has reached out to the entire world, and once again the Chilean people have united in remarkable ways. President Laycock, Landon and I were driving home from a teaching evening with two of our wonderful Elders. Cars honked, people screamed, and sirens blared. The celebration of the successful rescue spread throughout the entire country of Chile. We are very grateful to have witnessed yet another Chilean miracle. Heavenly Father loves His Chilean Children. We see and feel that love every single day of the mission.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Miracle of Conversion

Sights in Santiago

More Sights in Santiago

The Bread of Life

Recently, after giving a devotional speech in a local ward, President Laycock was approached by an elderly woman. Bent with age and smiling past strands of silver hair, the woman stopped President Laycock as he left the building. She thanked him for his words and for his service and then reached into her handbag. Wanting to give him a gift, she offered him all she had ... a small roll that she had been keeping. Accepting the wonderful gift, President Laycock thanked her for the Spirit he had felt in the meeting. President Laycock has kept the roll and looks at it often to remind him of the love of the Chilean people. Interestingly, the roll has not molded. Rather, it has hardened and preserved itself. The frail Chilean Sister will probably never know that her sweet, selfless offering has been the subject of object lessons taught throughout the Santiago East Mission. As we consider the Bread of Life and what Christ means to each of us, let us remember to "be not weary in well doing for [we] are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great" (D&C 64:33). We are sure that this little woman was inspired by the Holy Ghost to share what she had with President Laycock. We are extremely grateful that she followed the whisperings of the Spirit and made a difference in our lives. President Laycock keeps the roll on his desk next to a small plaque that states: "Con amor... Obramos en el Jardin de Dios." (With love... we work together in the Garden of God.) This is the same plaque we made before coming to the mission. Our missionaries have given one to every Bishop, Relief Society President, and Stake Presidency in the Mission.

The Santiago East Mission Enjoys Being Together to Celebrate Chile's Bicentennial

Fanta is a mission favorite!

Even our new missionaries were understanding Chilean Spanish
well enough to enjoy the festivities.

Landon Laycock (President and Sister Laycock's teenage son)
demonstrated his Chilean trompo (top) talent by flinging a spinning top
directly into the palm of his hand.

We love our missionaries!

The Santiago East Mission is Unified and Happy!