Friday, September 30, 2011

19 New Missionary-Angels Arrived in the Chile, Santiago East Mission on September 21, 2011

These amazing missionaries arrived on September 19. They had been in the mission for nearly two weeks on Friday, September 30, when we were able to meet with them and their trainers again for another orientation and to answer any questions they had. They were so happy and excited to be in Santiago. They reported to us that all was going well, and that they were working hard and learning the language and the PMG Lessons quickly. President Laycock got to give each of the Elder's a big hug, and I got to hug the Sisters! They each had their own concerns, but they were strong and brave, and they are growing in so many beautiful ways. They looked healthy and happy. We are so proud of each one of them, and we are grateful to have this opportunity to serve with them here in this area of the Lord's Vineyard! They inspire us. They are working diligently and pushing themselves to be excellent missionaries in every way. They really are Angels, bringing the world the truth of the true, restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We can see the light in their eyes. We are very proud of them.

Nineteen New Missionaries Arrived in the Santiago East Mission on September 21, 2011

When we introduced these new missionaries to their new companions, we experienced an immediate bond among all of us. We were so grateful that we have such faith and confidence in the missionaries who were assigned to train these precious new missionaries. We know how very important the influence of a faithful, obedient trainer is in the life of a new missionary. Each one of these trainers will bless the life of his or her new companion throughout eternity in so many ways. Thank Heaven for obedient, wonderful missionaries! We love them so much!

Loading Luggage at the Santiago Airport

We immediately felt such a deep desire for these missionaries to have the best mission-experience in the whole world! We loaded their luggage, and we got to know them a little better as we drove to a chapel in our mission where we had a short orientation together, and then we ate a delicious lunch together, and President Laycock interviewed each of them. We introduced them to their new companions, and they went out for their first day of teaching and preaching. They were exhausted by the end of the day, and each of them had the opportunity to get settled in their new "home" sleeping on their very own new pillow!

New Missionaries Arrived on Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We received a group of 19 wonderful, bright, sweet, eager, smart, angel-missionaries on Tuesday, September 20, 2011. They were so anxious to get right to work sharing the Gospel! They had hundreds of questions, and they exclaimed over and over, "We are finally in Chile. This is our mission. We are really here. It hardly seems real." President Laycock and I were so grateful for their safe arrival. We welcomed 16 of them from the United States at the Santiago Airport, and then we welcomed the other 3 from the Chile CCM. We immediately loved them all so much. It is always such a miracle to me how Heavenly Father immediately allows us to feel such overwhelming love for each of our missionaries. The more we got to know them, the more love we felt for them and from them. They are a very loving and dedicated group of angels. We are so thankful for them!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Elder Packer's Object Lesson, "Presentation of the Cake"

As we studied together during the past two months, always in our hearts was the desire to become better, more powerful, more capable gospel teachers. We understand that the Holy Ghost is the true teacher and that in order to be effective, we must always have the Holy Ghost to accompany us. But we also know and understand that we must do all that we can to be prepared and knowledgeable so that we can present the Gospel in a pleasing manner. We studied together and learned the importance of our successful presentation of the Gospel. Like this cake, the Gospel is always sweet and inviting. We must use our talents and abilities to present it in a pleasing way.

Elder Packer's Object Lesson, "Presentation of the Cake"

Elder Nieves was the perfect volunteer for our object lesson!
He was eager to assist.

Elder Nieves was anxious to help us teach this principle...
...and to eat the delicious cake!

Our presentation of the cake (gospel) matters!

Thanks to Elder Nieves, our object lesson was very effective.

Elder Packer's Object Lesson, "Presentation of the Cake"

Elder Miller volunteered to help us with the object lesson in one Zone Conference. He was perfect for the job. He enjoyed his cake (the gospel) very much!

Our August Zone Conferences were a "sweet" experience for all of us. President Laycock taught us about the absolute necessity of our becoming skilled gospel teachers. We reviewed together Chapters 2 and 10 of "Preach My Gospel," and we learned that it is our responsibility to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a pleasing way so that we can successfully invite many people to come unto Christ. We learned so much, and we rededicated ourselves to practice and to prepare even better.

August Zone Conferences

In August, our Zone Conferenced focused on becoming excellent gospel teachers. We always enjoy being with every single missionary in the mission and sharing our thoughts and ideas so that we can become better, more powerful teachers and representatives of our Savior.

Mission Blessings

Our Special Baptism

Elder Krewson and Elder Bench with President Laycock

Elder Stark and Elder Lopez with President Laycock

Elder Whitney with his parents and President and Sister Laycock

Our Dear Assistant, Elder Tilley

Nunoa Stake Primary Missionary Activity

Our Missionaries in the Nunoa Stake were blessed in the month of August as we were invited to participate in a training for all Primary Students and their parents. We taught the children what they need to do to prepare to become representatives of Jesus Christ as full time Missionaries. We even held a mini zone conference in which they could all to participate. What a blessing for these children to prepare now while they are so young! Excitement filled the air as we worked together to teach these young people what they need to do to prepare themselves in every way to serve full time missions.

Nunoa Stake Primary Missionary Activity

Elder Daines taught Primary Children
how they will need to dress to be good missionaries.

We love the children of the Nunoa Stake and their wonderful leaders.

These beautiful future missionaries were excited to learn.

Primary Children and Parents of the Nunoa Stake
gathered together to learn how to prepare to be missionaries.

Our missionaries assisted with a wonderful missionary activity
for the Primary Children in the Nunoa Stake
August, 2011

This activity is held around this time of year every year. The Primary children and their parents come and learn what they need to do to prepare to serve full time missions, and it is excellent preparation for the families of these prospective missionaries to begin right now to prepare to serve.

We are so thankful for faithful leaders who are doing the Lord's work in the Lord's way, who love these children and their families enough to help them prepare for mission service, and who dedicate so much of their time and talent to building the Kingdom of God.

As we spent the day with these young people, at one point, I looked into the bright, shining face of one of these beautiful and intelligent children. At that moment, for just an instant, I could see in my mind's eye what would happen to this child with the true, restored Gospel of Jesus Christ as the path of his life.

He would be happy. He would learn to love and to serve others. He would not yield to the temptations of the world. He would be active in Primary, then Young Men, and then he would serve a full time mission as a representative of Jesus Christ. Upon his faithful return, he would find a beautiful young woman to take to the Temple to whom he would be sealed for time and all eternity. He would enjoy children, and he would raise them to walk in the truth. His children, grand children, and righteous posterity would forever call his name blessed.

For me, this was a powerful vision of the beautiful, blessed life of a member of the true and living Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!