Monday, September 26, 2011

Nunoa Stake Primary Missionary Activity

Elder Daines taught Primary Children
how they will need to dress to be good missionaries.

We love the children of the Nunoa Stake and their wonderful leaders.

These beautiful future missionaries were excited to learn.

Primary Children and Parents of the Nunoa Stake
gathered together to learn how to prepare to be missionaries.

Our missionaries assisted with a wonderful missionary activity
for the Primary Children in the Nunoa Stake
August, 2011

This activity is held around this time of year every year. The Primary children and their parents come and learn what they need to do to prepare to serve full time missions, and it is excellent preparation for the families of these prospective missionaries to begin right now to prepare to serve.

We are so thankful for faithful leaders who are doing the Lord's work in the Lord's way, who love these children and their families enough to help them prepare for mission service, and who dedicate so much of their time and talent to building the Kingdom of God.

As we spent the day with these young people, at one point, I looked into the bright, shining face of one of these beautiful and intelligent children. At that moment, for just an instant, I could see in my mind's eye what would happen to this child with the true, restored Gospel of Jesus Christ as the path of his life.

He would be happy. He would learn to love and to serve others. He would not yield to the temptations of the world. He would be active in Primary, then Young Men, and then he would serve a full time mission as a representative of Jesus Christ. Upon his faithful return, he would find a beautiful young woman to take to the Temple to whom he would be sealed for time and all eternity. He would enjoy children, and he would raise them to walk in the truth. His children, grand children, and righteous posterity would forever call his name blessed.

For me, this was a powerful vision of the beautiful, blessed life of a member of the true and living Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

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