Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sister Missionaries

I am so grateful for the faithful service of our faithful Hermanas. They are diligent and obedient. They are laying a great foundation for their lives, and they are blessing so many families and individuals as they tirelessly share the gospel. I love them all!

Future Missionaries

We have been given the assignment from our Area Presidency to double the number of Missionaries that leave from Chile in the year 2010 from the number that left in 2009. For that reason, President Laycock is doing all he can to encourage the Young Men who live within the boundaries of our Mission to prepare for full time Missionary service. This week, he spent an evening at scout camp talking with the Young Men. The Assistants accompanied him, and they taught and inspired with all the enthusiasm of three great Missionaries.

Good-bye to Elder Guzman

Elder Guzman Faithfully Completed his Mission this past week. We love him. We will always remember his great attitude and his willingness and ability to always be happy. We know he will do well in all he attempts to do in his life, and we look forward to knowing all about his future endeavors.

South Zone Conference #5 "Small Things Bring Us the Attributes of Christ"

Zone Conferences Allow Us to Look Into the Faces of our Missionaries and Feel Their Love for Their Savior and for The People of Chile.

We had Zone Conference Wednesday January 13 and Wednesday, January 20. We always enjoy being together for Zone Conferences. It was nice to start the new year and set new goals and commitments. We decided to re emphasize 5 major points that we have been working on and that we introduced in the first six months of our mission and to remind everyone that the small things really do make a huge difference in our capacity to serve. We talked about Naaman and how "small things" really matter.The five re-focusing points we are emphasizing are:

1. The Vision to Baptize

2. Urgency

3. Cosechar

4. Permanaced

5. Love: We do everything with love

We know that we need to keep working on these 5 things for the missionaries to really do what they need to do to be successful. President Laycock spoke about the importance of “Being Preach My Gospel” and the Assistants focused on setting goals and planning effectively. We also discussed the need to be like our Savior and work to attain His attributes in our lives. If we teach and love as He does, we will not fail. Our excellent Zone Leaders also taught us about having perfect planning sessions.

Zone Conferences Unite and Focus Us
Zone Conferences Remind us to Work Hard
Zone Conferences Bring Us Closer to Our Savior
Zone Conferences Feed Us Spiritually and Physically

South Zone Conference #5 "Small Things Bring Us the Attributes of Christ"

In this Zone Conference, we remembered the importance of doing the small things.

We talked about how the small things in our lives lead us to greatness.

Zone Conferences always stengthen and fortify us.

Eating together is a highlight of Zone Conference.

We are blessed to enjoy one another as we serve together.

North Zone Conference #5 "Small Things Bring Us the Attributes of Christ"

We love being Missionaries and attending Zone Conferences!

We look forward to gathering together to share ideas and learn about our Savior.

Every time we meet, we are reminded that Mission work is a refining process that takes time, patience, and perseverance.

We know that Mission work is not meant to be easy. If it were all easy, we would not grow and develop our testimonies.

We are so grateful for faithful Missionaries who love and serve the Lord without thought of reward.

North Zone Conference #5 "Small Things Bring Us the Attributes of Christ"

Zone Conferences teach us Doctrine!

Zone Conferences make us happy!

Zone Conferences
provide time for us to be together!

Zone Conferences
help us set goals!

Zone Conferences remind us to be obedient in all things.

December 29, 2009 New Arrivals

On December 29 we received a wonderful Christmas gift...12 New Elders to add to the team of Missionaries in the Santiago East Mission. Every one of these Elders was eager to join the Santiago East Mission Team. We enjoyed their spirit of humility and their overwhelming desire to be exceptional Missionaries. Everyone who met them, commented on the "special feeling" that these 12 Missionaries have brought with them. We are absolutely thrilled to see where their Mission service will take them. We traveled right from the airport to the Temple where we took this picture. Then we took them to the Conference Room in the Obispado (Church Office Building) where we sat around the conference room table together and looked into their bright, shining eyes. We gave them a short orientation to the Mission and answered questions. Next, we walked over to the Pocuro Chapel next door where their companions were waiting. Their companions had spent the morning in the Temple preparing to receive new Missionaries to train. We had a short ceremony that President Laycock calls, "The Parable of the Geese." All of the chairs were placed in a V formation. Trainiers sat on one side of the V and New Missionaries sat on the other side. President Laycock taught about Geese and how geese are 70% more efficient when they fly in their formation. If one is tired or injured, two drop out and help the one until he is able to rejoin the formation. We Missionaries are like Geese. We fly together. We take care of one another, and we are efficient!!! We love these new Missionaries. We are thankful for families who have taught and prepared them. We are thankful for the testimonies they bring. We are thankful for their humility. We are thankful for the consecrated efforts of all who have made it possible for them to serve with us in the Chile, Santiago East Mission.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Activity December 23, 2009 Preparations

Christmas in the Mission is an experience everyone should have.
It is a time to be grateful and to draw near to our Savior. Without the close surrounding of family, we were lovingly nudged to draw even closer to Jesus. Our Missionaries dedicated themselves to serving Him without any thought of selfish reward. We watched as our Mission broke many Mission Records in terms of numbers, but most importantly we experienced the true love of our Savior as we worked together to bring to pass Missionary Miracles.
We will always remember our sweet first Christmas in the Santiago East Mission.

On December 23, we enjoyed our Christmas Mission Activity where we gathered together and played and enjoyed one another's company during the morning. Then we went to a meeting house where we ate wonderful food together. We watched "A Christmas Carol" and discussed the meaning of repentance and changing our lives as Ebeneezer Scrooge did. We reminded each other that we are here to help people change their lives by coming unto Christ. Then we went into the Chapel for a fireside where we discussed the symbols of Christmas and how each one bring us to Christ. We feel so blessed to be among these noble Missionaries. They teach us so much about love and charity. They are humble and happy and full of love for their Savior.

Christmas Activity December 23, 2009 Food


Incredible Food,
Fun Memories,
Spiritual Guidance!

We Love
Our Missionaries!!!

Christmas Activity December 23, 2009 Fun and Games

Gift Bags
Lots of
Little Helpers!

Elder and Sister Day!




Christmas Activity December 23, 2009 Good Company

Good Will Toward Men!

Peace on Earth!

Good Tidings to All Men!

Silent Night!


Christmas Activity December 23, 2009 Good Company

Merry Christmas!!!

Joy to the World!


Mission Life is Good!

Peace, Joy, and Love!

Christmas Activity December 23, 2009 Fun and Games





Woofle Ball

Christmas Activity December 23, 2009 Fun and Games