Saturday, January 16, 2010

November and December Departing Missionaries

Elder Georgianna has plans for his very near future.
We hope to hear from him soon about those plans.

Elders Gerogianna and Weinberg were two of our most dedicated Missionaries. We love them forever, and we will miss them greatly.

Landon cherishes his memories of his relationships with all of our Missionaries. They are all very sweet to him.
Elder Rodriguez was especially good to "Landoncito."

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Perez said good-bye through tears of sadness. They will probably not see each other again in this life, but the bonds of brotherhood are there throughout eternity. They love one another with the true love of Christ.

Saying good-bye is always a bitter-sweet experience for us. We love our Missionaries so much. When they leave, it is like letting a part of ourselves go. On the other hand, we are so looking forward to hearing from them and knowing all about what they accomplish in their lives. They have had such a tremendous impact on the Chile Santiago East Mission. We know that the Lord loves each of these young men. We know that the Lord will continue to be with them throughout their lives. We love each of them. We know their struggles, and we have seen their triumphs. We are eternally tied to them through mutual love and service.

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