Saturday, January 23, 2010

South Zone Conference #5 "Small Things Bring Us the Attributes of Christ"

Zone Conferences Allow Us to Look Into the Faces of our Missionaries and Feel Their Love for Their Savior and for The People of Chile.

We had Zone Conference Wednesday January 13 and Wednesday, January 20. We always enjoy being together for Zone Conferences. It was nice to start the new year and set new goals and commitments. We decided to re emphasize 5 major points that we have been working on and that we introduced in the first six months of our mission and to remind everyone that the small things really do make a huge difference in our capacity to serve. We talked about Naaman and how "small things" really matter.The five re-focusing points we are emphasizing are:

1. The Vision to Baptize

2. Urgency

3. Cosechar

4. Permanaced

5. Love: We do everything with love

We know that we need to keep working on these 5 things for the missionaries to really do what they need to do to be successful. President Laycock spoke about the importance of “Being Preach My Gospel” and the Assistants focused on setting goals and planning effectively. We also discussed the need to be like our Savior and work to attain His attributes in our lives. If we teach and love as He does, we will not fail. Our excellent Zone Leaders also taught us about having perfect planning sessions.

Zone Conferences Unite and Focus Us
Zone Conferences Remind us to Work Hard
Zone Conferences Bring Us Closer to Our Savior
Zone Conferences Feed Us Spiritually and Physically

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