Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas at the Santiago Temple

On several nights during December, we hosted Temple Tours for anyone walking by and/or visiting Temple Square. The Missionaries stood on the street and invited everyone walking by to come in and visit. We even had reports of Missionaries "helping" people get off buses to come in and worship with us. During one of the nights of the Christmas Temple Tours, we hosted an event for Chilean dignitaries. We had music by beautiful choirs and a reception after with wonderful food and an opportunity to answer questions and get to know many people. It was absolutely beautiful. These Missionaries helped direct and guide the tours. They are delightful Missionaries. We could not ask for better, more dedicated Missionaries. We love them dearly!

These missionaries were selected from the North, West, and East Missions to be the guides for "Los Recurridos del Templo para la Navidad" (The Christmas Temple Tours). They worked tirelessly during the month of December to bring people unto Christ. We received hundreds of referrals from their work, and Missionaries from all over Chile are now teaching those who visited Temple Square and now want to know more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are so grateful to these wonderful servants of the Lord. They are truly angels of truth!

As part of the Christmas Temple Celebration, our Temple Sister Missionaries trained several missionaries from our Mission as well as from the North and West Missions to lead visitors on a guided tour of Temple Square and the Church Office Building. This beautiful manger scene was in front of the Church Office Building next door to the Temple. It sits just off of the beautiful city street named Pedro de Valdivia, and it beckons to all who pass by to come inside and learn of Christ, His birth, and His life. We are so blessed to have the Santiago Temple in our Mission. We know the Lord loves His Chilean children.

Each night after the Christmas Temple Tours, the missionaries who directed the tours and activities would pile into Taxis and make their way to their pensiones (apartments) to rest and be ready to start again bright and early the next morning. They worked so diligently to share the Gospel with their Chilean brothers and sisters during the special Christmas Season. We love them for their consecrated efforts to build the Lord's kingdom.

These four sisters have been angels as they have worked to make the Temple Tours a spiritual experience for all who visit the Temple. We love them, and we know that their work has been the means by which many families are now enjoying the fruits of the Gospel. They have worked tirelessly and faithfully to bring to pass great things. What a blessing they are to our mission.

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kimber said...

What wonderful posts. I enjoy reading this blog SO much and I'm amazed at all you are doing in Chile. Such beautiful missionaries you have there, doing such diligent work. I love them and don't even know them!