Saturday, January 16, 2010

November Conference in Vina del Mar with Elder Bednar, Elder Snow, Elder Amado, Elder Corbridge, Elder Zeballos and their Wives

In November, President Laycock and I had the opportunity to travel to Vina del Mar for a Mission President Seminar. Elder Bednar and his wife directed the conference. Elder Snow and his wife, Elder Amado and his wife, Elder Corbridge and his wife, and Elder Zeballos and his wife were all with us. They shared with us many wonderful massages about our missions and callings as Mission President and wife. All nine of the Mission Presidents from Chile and their wives were in attendance. We felt personally ministered to as we spent these four days learning the Lord's direction for His missions. We testify with all of our hearts that the Lord loves his Chilean children and the Lord loves His Missionaries. He sent his Apostle here to direct His work. This is without a doubt, His work. We will never be the same after learning all that we learned in these four short days. We will be eternally grateful for all that we learned and for all that the Holy Ghost taught us.

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