Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Activity December 23, 2009 Preparations

Christmas in the Mission is an experience everyone should have.
It is a time to be grateful and to draw near to our Savior. Without the close surrounding of family, we were lovingly nudged to draw even closer to Jesus. Our Missionaries dedicated themselves to serving Him without any thought of selfish reward. We watched as our Mission broke many Mission Records in terms of numbers, but most importantly we experienced the true love of our Savior as we worked together to bring to pass Missionary Miracles.
We will always remember our sweet first Christmas in the Santiago East Mission.

On December 23, we enjoyed our Christmas Mission Activity where we gathered together and played and enjoyed one another's company during the morning. Then we went to a meeting house where we ate wonderful food together. We watched "A Christmas Carol" and discussed the meaning of repentance and changing our lives as Ebeneezer Scrooge did. We reminded each other that we are here to help people change their lives by coming unto Christ. Then we went into the Chapel for a fireside where we discussed the symbols of Christmas and how each one bring us to Christ. We feel so blessed to be among these noble Missionaries. They teach us so much about love and charity. They are humble and happy and full of love for their Savior.

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