Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Nuevitos" Arrive on Tuesday October 19, 2010

Three Happy Hermanas and five Excellent Elders arrived with bright eyes and shining smiles on Tuesday morning October 19, 2010. We gathered them from the airport and took them directly to the Santiago Temple. In the Pocuro Chapel, we met with them, and President Laycock interviewed each of them. They expressed their excitement and their enthusiasm over and over as we oriented them, introduced them to their new companions, and sent them into their sectors for their first day of teaching. We love them already. They have brought a brightness that will bless our Mission in many ways. They are ready to work. They want to continue to learn the language. They are committed to the Gospel. They have strong testimonies. They are happy, and they are a wonderful addition to our Mission.

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you again for all your inspiring posts. Our son, Elder McCammon is truly enjoying his mission. We feel his spiritual progress each week when we read his emails. It is wonderful to know that he has love for the chileans and for all the church leaders there. He also expresses his love for missionary work, the Savior, the temple and serving his fellowmen. Thank-you for your example and your faithful dedication in the mission field.
Brother and Sister McCammon