Sunday, November 28, 2010

Los que se van November 21 and 29 2010

Once again it was time to send a group of ten faithful missionaries home. It seems like the transfer days come around all to soon these days in the mission. These young people have been diligent servants of the Lord. They have worked so hard to do all they have been asked to do. They have been cheerful and loving in their service, and we will miss them very much. They have been a great blessing to the their Chilean brothers and sisters and to the other missionaries with whom they have served. We enjoyed the day we spent with them before they left, and we were impressed with the fervent testimonies they bore after having dinner with us in the mission home. We love them very much, and we know that our mission is better and stronger because of their examples of goodness and righteousness.

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thisismylife said...

Thank-you for the wonderful Blog. I enjoy looking at all the pictures of the missionaries.
Sister Bowen
(Elder Jace Bowen)