Friday, July 31, 2009

North Zone Conference #1 "El Libro de Mormon" July 22, 2009

Our first Zone Conference (July 22, 2009) included all Zones from the North of the Mission. During this six-week change, we are all studying Chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel: "The Book of Mormon." We all came prepared to share a "discurso" (talk) from that chapter. President Laycock called upon 8 Missionaries to deliver their message. The Spirit spoke to all of us as we listened to inspired Missionary testimonies and direction about the Book of Mormon. President Laycock presented to us 20 points of convincing evidence about the Book of Mormon. He explained that as an attorney (in his former life) he enjoyed gathering evidence to "prove his case." He testified that the Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the Gospel and that the evidence of its truth is clear and convincing. He further testified that the most convincing evidence of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon comes to us as we study and ponder it so that we can personally experience the witness of the Holy Ghost.
Our lunch was "muy rico" very delicious! We enjoyed delicious bread, a lovely avacado salad, tomato soup, fried chicken, ham fried rice, and apple pie for dessert. The Missionaries nearly licked their plates clean! After lunch, Elder Quintana and Elder Jennings (Assistants to the President) presented 2 beautiful musical numbers, complete with harmony, and then they trained us in how to effectively use and maintain our Area Books, and how to "open our hearts" to share the gospel more effectively. We are working hard to do all we do with love. We want to share our hearts, not just our words. The Mission experienced great success this month through the diligent efforts of these extra-ordinary Missionaries.

The following week (July 29, 2009) was our 1st Zone Conference with the South Zones. We followed the same agenda, and we enjoyed the same special lunch. Once again, the Missionaries ate every morsel! Their appetites are almost as large as their testimonies! We love them, and we feel privileged to serve with them. Their "sonrisas" (smiles) are "buenissimas" (better than best).

Please continue to pray for the success of the Chile Santiago East Mission.
We feel your love and support.
We know our Savior is laboring with us in all we do.
We are planting seeds, and we are enjoying the fantastic fruits of the Harvest.


Earl said...

I hope those missionaries know they have the best Presidente y Hermana in the church! Sounds like you're doing wonderful and enjoying every minute of it all! I'm sure they feel the love you have for them!

Stacy's getting ready to put her papers in. Wouldn't it be funny if she were called to your mission!

We sold the house. It's empty. Life goes on. New adventures to pursue!

Take care!

Ryan Chase said...

How wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. We miss you guys so much and are so happy for your experiences you are having there. We love you!!!