Sunday, July 19, 2009

8 Missionaries Leaving the Chile Santiago East Mission; 21 Arriving

8 Missionaries Leaving
Tuesday morning, the 13th of July in the dim light of dawn we walked quietly behind our departing Missionaries as they eagerly, but tearfully said good by to the snow-capped mountain peaks of Chile and entered the airport. Tears came to our eyes. We saw and felt the overwhelming power and love that these Missionaries are taking back to their various countries. In every way, they are ambassadors of truth and light to their countries. A window to heaven opened in that instant. We saw these wonderful young people as leaders in their Stakes and Wards. We saw them with wives and husbands and children all sealed together in the Temple. We felt what they will be able to accomplish with what they have experienced and learned. It is a miracle! This work is miraculous! We are blessed to be a small part of it and to see the goodness of it all.

21 Missionaries Arriving
The same morning we said goodbye to our 8 Missionaries, we received 21 new Missionaries. This includes Elder and Sister Day, a Senior Couple who will be serving in the office with us. We brought them all to the Mission Home. We are thrilled to have these new Missionaries join us here in Santiago in the Lord’s Vineyard. President Laycock had the opportunity to interview each new Missionary, and we can hardly wait to see the fruits of their labors. We are certain that many seeds have been planted and are ready to grow and be harvested as we nurture and care for them all. This is the Lord’s work. He works at our side every day. We love the people of Chile, and we love the Missionaries in the Chile Santiago East Mission.


Larissa Chase said...

How exciting. I know those new missionaries are going to LOVE it in Santiago East, and with you, Presidente and Hermana Laycock.

Liz Davidson said...

Larissa dropped by the office yesterday and told us about your Blog. How wonderful it will be to keep track of you and your missionaries. She said you are loving it and doing well. I'm sure the missionaries love both of you and your enthusiasm and your love for the Gospel. Things are fine here--don't you worry.