Saturday, November 21, 2009

Converts that Convert! What a Blessing!

Conrado Munoz unexpectedly visited us at the Mission Office one wonderful day. He traveled all the way from Bahia Blanca, Argentina to visit us. He had seen our picture in the "Liahona" (Ensign) and knew that we were serving in Santiago. So he came to surprise us! President Laycock had the privilege of teaching and baptizing him and his entire family 29 years ago when Brother Munoz was just 14 years old. He described himself as a very difficult investigator. He said that President Laycock had to work very diligently to get him baptized. He spoke of the great "ramifications" of Mission Work. He talked about his own mission, the missions being served now by those he baptized, and even the missions being served by his own family members. What a tender mercy. Can you see the tears in all of our eyes? Those are true tears of love and joy.


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What an awesome tender mercy. I love it. How neat that he came all the way to see you two. I LOVE IT!