Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pillars of Strength

Zone Leader Concilio Wednesday, January 27 2010
We felt the Lord’s love as we fasted and prayed for help and guidance.

During the month of January, we invited our Missionaries to participate in a Mission fast for the spiritual and physical health of our Missionaries and to prepare us to set our own personal goals as well as to come together and set some mission goals for 2010. We felt the Lord’s love as we fasted and prayed for help and guidance. This Zone Leader Concilio was a spiritual feast for all of us. We sat in a circle and looked in each other's eyes as we discussed the needs of our Mission. We felt the Holy Ghost leading us and directing us as we set our 2010 Mission goals. We felt the Lord’s hand gently directing us as we pondered, planned, and prepared. Our Zone Leaders are dedicated and determined. They want our Mission to grow and to reach the high levels of success that we all know we are capable of reaching. We know that with the Lord’s help, we can do all that He is asking us to do.

Interviews Every Tuesday and Thursday
We recognized the Lord’s love as we met with Zones in Zone/District Classes.

This transfer cycle, we decided to have Zone/District classes in conjunction with interviews. We like this new arrangement very much. We cut down on wasted time, and we were able to attend at least one Zone/District class in every Zone. During this transfer, Elder Espinoza and Elder Martineau taught about goal setting and having perfect planning sessions. They also reminded us all that we should strive to be the best teachers that ever served. Elder Amado taught us in our Mission tour that our responsibility is to be excellent teachers. We work with members to strengthen homes, find people to teach, and baptize, but our primary responsibility is to be the best, most inspired gospel teachers we can possibly be. We also role played and practiced teaching with questions, scriptures, and the Holy Ghost. Each Zone/District class was different, but each one was rewarding and helpful. We are impressed that our Missionaries are becoming such accomplished teachers. We will continue to help them reach their full potential as teachers. They will continue to help us do the same.

The pyramid picture above was taken in one of our Zone Classes. The other two are of our Zone Leader Concilio. The pyramid was an object lesson which taught us many important principles. Notice that President Laycock (on the bottom row) can never resist an opportunity to participate in Zone Class, no matter what the challenge may bring. We feel so thankful to be able to be with these delightful young Missionaries. They are enthusiastic and dedicated. They love the Gospel. They are strong and brave and true! We love them.

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Rose said...

My heart was touched by these pictures and the comments! Our missionaries are so blessed by your great service President and Sister Laycock! We love you!
Elder Evans Family