Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Have Faith in Our Savior Jesus Christ.

Once again, President Laycock and I are most grateful for your prayers and love. We are thankful beyond words for the guidance of the Lord's chosen leaders, for the blessing of the Holy Ghost, and for the obedience of our Missionaries in "preparing every needful thing." All Missionaries in the Chile Santiago East Mission are safe and accounted for following the interesting "events" of the day today. We continue to receive bounteous blessings of peace and protection, and we feel the Lord's hand as we minister to our sweet Chilean brothers and sisters.

Please continue to pray for each Missionary to be able to do all that is being required. These Missionaries are wonderful, loving, humble, and courageous. They are reaching outside of themselves in love and concern, and their service is transforming them into even more lovely individuals than they already were. They are serving with all their heart, might, mind and strength, and the light of Jesus Christ shines brightly in their eyes and in their smiles. As Missionaries in the Chile, Santiago East Mission, we have faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, and we know that He has called us to labor in this part of His vineyard at this time for a very specific purpose. He walks beside us, and He directs this work. Of this we are sure.

We love our Missionaries, and we love the beautiful Chilean people!


dana said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful post. i heard that there had been a significant "after shock" there today, so I went to the blog to look for an update. We are forever grateful to Pres. and Sis. Laycock for being such inspired, "in tune" and loving leaders looking over all of the missionaries in the Chile Santiago East Mission. Our prayers are with all of you!
With love,
Loel and Dana Renshaw
(Elder Tanner Renshaw's parents)

Sherrie Martineau said...

You ease our hearts as you care for the church there in Chile, the members and our missionaries. Thank you for this post. We have been without any details and to see your post eases our minds. We know you are more busy than ever as you are engaged in the Lords work there and we love all you do. We think you are amazing!
With appreciation,
Chris & Sherrie Martineau

Linda said...

Chileans had gone through a lot this past 3 weeks. My heart goes out to them, and of course our beloved missionaries too. We will continue to send our prayers and love your way. Hope things will get better for this poor suffering country and its people. And thank you for taking care of my missionary tirelessly. I trully love and appreciate everything that you and President Laycock do for my Elder.

with much love and gratitude,
Linda Costner

Lisa said...

Thank you for the updates. We know that our son is supposed to be there at this time. Thank you for the information. People around the world are touched by your story that was published in Meridian Magazine.Many feel the Spirit just from reading of this miracle of warning. Thanks for heeding to the promptings. I totally love you and will give you the biggest mom hug ever when I meet you in person.

Lisa Hansen
( mother of Elder Mark Hansen)

Lisa said...

Hi Sister Laycock,
Elder Mark Hansen's brother opened his mission call last evening at BYU at his dorm. We so hoped for another son to be with you in Chile. Adam will be serving in the Canada Calgary Mission Mandarin Speaking.He is very excited. We all did think it would be so wonderful to have 2 missionaries working in Chile.Thanks so much for the loving care and guidance to our missionaries.

Lisa Hansen
mother of Elder Mark Hansen...
ps..I love your blog!!!

Rose said...

Dear President and Sister Laycock:
We are so blessed to have you both serving Right Now! We truly feel your Call to serve was and is both a blessing and a comfort to the missionaries and to the parents...especially NOW! Our prayers are ALWAYS with you and All the people of Chile affected by the earthquakes. We too, have Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. All will be well!
Glen, Rosemary, Elder Spencer P. Evans-Slovakia missionary, & Mary Evans
(Elder Aaron G. Evans family)

Jessica Rae said...

LISA! I have no idea how I just stumbled upon your blog, but I did. A few weeks ago I read your letter about the earth quake. It was SO SO inspiring! Just like you are. I don't think I have ever told you how much I adore/admire you.

Anywho... I just wanted to say hi! And I think the world of you!


Jessica (Perry)(H.T.) Schaack

P.S. I heard Lacey is engaged... I am a photographer and am photography Kylie Heaps wedding and she told me! Congratulations!