Monday, August 9, 2010

Zone Leader Council-Eight Areas of Focus to Help Missionaries Become More Powerful Gospel Teachers

During the month of July, we felt great gratitude to our Heavenly Father as we received some additional and inspired curriculum from the Missionary Department that will focus us in eight areas of Preach My Gospel and will help us to become more powerful Gospel Teachers. On July 28, we introduced this new curriculum to our Zone Leaders and will begin teaching it during this transfer cycle. It is our understanding that all missions in the entire world will be working on these eight areas of focus. We feel certain that this curriculum comes to us as a direct answer to our prayers. For the past year, we have been praying to know how to help our missionaries to become more powerful gospel teachers, and we have been working toward that result. Preach My Gospel has so much inspired material, and at times it is challenging to know on what principles to focus in order to help missionaries to reach their fullest potential as powerful teachers. We have felt the need to focus better, and with this new and inspired curriculum we know we will be able to do that. We will still be focusing on helping missionaries to learn the concepts in Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel, but we will have this additional and inspired curriculum to use. What a marvelous blessing that we have a living Prophet who directs the Lord's work!

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