Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doing the Lord's Work in the Lord's Way

Simplified Curriculum

We implemented the Simplified Training Program in sixteen separate training sessions conducted over a period of four weeks at the La Reina Stake Center. We first obtained permission from Elder Zaballos of the Area Presidency to teach the entire mission the simplified curriculum.Since the East Mission is the smallest Mission in the world, we were able to gather the Mission Zones from the North for 8 sessions of training and later the South Zones for 8 additional sessions of training. The Spirit was strong as we asked the Elders and Sisters to report on their placement in practice of the concepts learned together. We instituted a practice session that allowed missionaries to rotate to Elders and Sisters other than their own companion and practice taking on the role of both missionary and investigator. After each practice, we evaluated what we learned and then re-practiced the concepts studied. We taught the eight lessons directly from the lesson plans provided by the Church Mission Committee as follows:

1. The Doctrine of Christ

2. The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion

3. Revelation through Prayer

4. Revelation through the Book of Mormon

5. Revelation through Church Attendance

6. Teach People, Not Lessons

7. We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up

8. How to Begin Teaching

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