Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Missionaries Arrived on Tuesday, June 28 2011

We were so thankful to welcome so many wonderful, sweet, excited missionaries on Tuesday June 28 2011. Half of them arrived from the CCM in Chile, and the other came from the United States. We picked up the North Americans at the airport amidst a thick, gray fog. We were concerned that their plane would be late because of the fog, but everything turned out well. We were very thankful once they were safely on the ground, and we could see their smiling faces. They were alert and happy and ready to serve. They had hundreds of questions as we drove to the Las Condes Chapel where we met with our new Latin missionaries who were equally happy and smiling. It was a fantastic day with orientation, a huge spaghetti dinner, and the implementation of our new training program that we just received from Salt Lake. These Elders and Sisters will be the first group to participate in the new training, so it is a special time for the mission. Actually, we invited others who arrived in the last two changes to participate in the new training as well, so we are looking forward to many good times to come as we learn together to do the Lord's work in the Lord's way. We are so excited to see the progress that these missionaries will make as they work together with their trainers to become fabulous gospel teachers. We had a wonderful time getting to know this new little army of missionaries. They are delightful and full of the Spirit. We can hardly wait to see all that they will be able to do in the Chile, Santiago East Mission.

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