Monday, August 22, 2011

Snow in Santiago

On Thursday August 18 2011, we were in a mission training with all of our new missionaries and their trainers at the Lynch North Chapel when the snow came. It snowed for nearly three hours. This was the first time we had seen snow in Santiago! It was really very beautiful, and it made us (President and Sister Laycock) feel like we were in Utah...just not August in Utah! Of course, President Laycock loves Christmas, so he immediately began to play some Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas music. It was fun to see many of our Latin missionaries experience snow for the first time. It was not fun to drive on the roads of Santiago during the storm. We hope the flowers at the mission home survive the cold!

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Amanda said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing - that's definitely something you don't expect. How fun, but how cold! As for the Christmas music, my companions and I would listen to it when it was cold too! It's just so happy. :)