Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas 2011 Activities at the Temple

During the month of December, we enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Christmas on the Temple grounds. It was a great blessing for our missionaries to get to bring those they were teaching to see the beauty of the Temple grounds and to participate in the programs and displays and tours of the Temple.

We feel blessed to have the Santiago Temple in our mission. We feel the powerful influence of the Temple in all that we are working to teach our Chilean Brothers and Sisters. As we teach and baptize people, we always try to point them toward the Temple. We know that we must help them to make and keep sacred Temple covenants if we want to truly establish the Church here in Chile.

When we bring people to the Temple grounds, they feel the sweet spirit that is always there, and they want to know more. They want to go inside and enjoy the spirit they feel in even more abundance. Our missionaries are able to attend the Temple quarterly during their service in the Chile, Santiago East Mission. This is a great blessing to all of us individually and Collectively. We have four Sisters who serve at the Temple. They always look forward to being able to serve there.

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