Friday, February 17, 2012

February Apartment Inspections

During the month of February, President and Sister Laycock visited each apartment in the mission to inspect the apartment and to bless each missionary and his or her home.

We were so very thankful for the sweet spirit that we felt within the walls of each apartment. Each apartment was clean, orderly, safe, and in good condition. Each missionary now has a 36 hour go-bag, and each apartment has a working smoke, carbon monoxide, and fire alarm.

As we visited their homes, we were reminded of the good efforts of our missionaries to be diligent and faithful stewards in their homes. They are working hard to make sure that their homes are always places of refuge from the storms of life. They are learning to take care of the homes in which the Lord blesses them to live. Though they do not spend much time in their apartments, they know and understand that they must always maintain their homes in a pleasing manner unto the Lord. The mission definitely is the Lord's University for Life.

It was truly a pleasure to be in the homes of our missionaries. We love them all very much. They are trying so hard to be and do their very best to be true representatives of Jesus Christ, and we see their abilities and talents grow every day that they serve.

It is a great privilege for us to serve among these young, beautiful, dedicated, intelligent, happy missionaries.

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