Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Changes Lives

Jorge's miraculous transformation into a disciple of Jesus Christ was an incrediblel journey. Our diligent missionaries found him one night when he was making fun of them. Instead of responding to his taunting, they loved him and taught him about Jesus Christ and the restoration of His Gospel. Then President Laycock was privileged to baptize him. We know that this baptism was a "team effort." We are sure that it is not just a coincidence that Jorge is an attorney, and that he and President Laycock have much in common. Jorge's life has changed in many ways as he has...

...come unto Jesus Christ
through faith, repentance, baptism,
receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost,
and enduring to the end.

As they entered the baptismal font, Jorge told President Laycock that he knows that some people get baptized and then do not stay true to the covenants they make. He said, "President, I will never do that. I promise I will remain true."

This is Jorge at his Sunday baptism.

We are hopeful that Jorge's parents will also choose to be baptized. They were thrilled with the change they have seen in their son. Jorge's mother showed me the scars from her recent heart surgery. Then she said, "I believe God preserved my life so that I could see Jorge make this change." I quickly responded, "Hermana, the Lord preserved your life, so that you and your husband can be baptized."
We will wait and see what happens. Please pray for Jorge's parents.

This is Jorge on the Friday before his baptism.
We KNOW that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a transforming influence for good
in the lives of all who accept the invitation to come unto Christ.


Dexter's Girl said...

QUE BUNEO! Thank you for sharing!!! What joy!

Lisa said...

Wow..he looks great for his baptism.....wonderful indeed.