Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Wonderful Missionaries

In February and March, we received three different groups of new missionaries. Six were actually called to serve in our mission. Four were called to serve in the Concepcion Sur mission, but because of the earthquakes, they were not able to go to their own missions, so we welcomed them with open arms into our mission. We have grown to love them in the short time we have known them. This week we received word that they are now able to go to their own mission. We are reluctantly letting them go, and are sending them tonight (Sunday April 11) on a long bus ride to their own mission. We will miss them so much. We love them and will pray for them. We will always consider them to be our missionaries.
Elder Hooser and Elder Deaver arrived in March and will remain with us in Santiago. They are faithful missionaries, and we are so excited to serve with them.
Elder Kemp, Elder Lamb, Elder Meyr, and Elder Hickman will be serving in the Concepcion Sur Mission. It's difficult to let them go, but we know they are needed in their own mission now. We love them!!!
Elder Villagran, Elder Montecinos, Hermana Duncan, and Hermana Romagoza arrived in February and will be with us their entire mission. We love them dearly.

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