Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fundamentals From Preach My Gospel Teaching More Effectively

On the Tuesdays and Thursdays during March, we conducted trainings with every missionary on the initiative: "Fundamentals from Preach My Gospel Teaching More Effectively" to continue to help missionaries become more powerful gospel teachers. We practiced together and learned together. We enjoyed being together and learning how to better do the Lord's work in the Lord's way. We want to be strong and powerful Gospel Teachers. We want to be able to bring many souls to the waters of baptism so they can receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and the promise of Eternal Life. We know that to do this, we must be excellent teachers. The trainings included 8 powerful lessons on the following topics:

1. The Doctrine of Christ--The Missionary Purpose (March 8 and 10)
2. The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion (March 8 and 10)
3. Revelation Through Prayer (March 15 and 17)
4. Revelation Through the Book of Mormon (March 15 and 17)
5. Revelation Through Church Attendance (March 22 and 24)
6. Teach People, Not Lessons (March 22 and 24)
7. We Invite. They Commit. We Follow Up (March 29 and 31)
8. How to Begin Teaching (March 29 and 31)

We thoroughly enjoyed learning together as we conducted these training sessions. We saw great progress in the abilities of our missionaries to be bold, to listen to the Holy Ghost, and to teach with clarity and love.

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