Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Revelatory Experience (Zone Conference) March 3 and 4, 2011

This sweet Zone Conference focused us on two key elements of sharing the Gospel:
1. The significance of the Book of Mormon and the wonderful conversion power it contains.
2. The need we have to seek out, teach and bring all of God's children to accept the truthfulness and joy of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

We felt the Holy Ghost bear witness to us, and we experienced the Lord's love as we toiled together.

We often talk of the Holy Ghost being the greatest gift we can receive in this life. We also talk of Eternal Life being the greatest gift of God in the next life. Elder Saenz and Elder Wilkey (Assistants to the President) taught us the importance of working with all our heart, might, mind and strength to obtain both of these desirable gifts. They conducted an object lesson as they had an Elder do the wall sit for as long as he could possibly do it. As time went on, and it became more challenging, District Leaders were allowed to offer encouragement, then Zone Leaders, and ultimately, President Laycock. As the Elders fought to reach their goal of staying in the wall sit until the set time, their muscles began to tremble. The sweat dripped down their faces, but they were absolutely determined not to give up and quit. We all offered love and encouragement, but we could not take their burden completely from them. This was a wonderful lesson in the importance of each one of us doing our part to help one another remain faithful and strong as we serve together and build the Kingdom of God in the Chile Santiago East Mission. We have such fantastic missionaries! We love them all.

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