Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Finding Joy in the Journey"

The Temple is the ultimate source of joy for all members of the Church!
Hermanas Griffiths, Hodgekin, and Whetton are excellent missionaries. We are standing in the Mission Office where they often come to enter referrals they receive from conducting tours of Temple Square. These good sisters have developed a tour of Temple Square and the surrounding facilities. We accompanied them on this tour last night. It was beautiful and inspiring. The Temple is near the heart of the City of Santiago, but once inside the gates of Temple Square, the hustle and bustle of the City is hushed, and the softness of the Spirit envelops the visitors. Last night, a gentle breeze swayed through the palm trees, as these Sisters taught the eternal truths of the Gospel while standing in the light of the Temple. Even some children who were there visiting with their families stopped to watch the Sisters in awe. They felt the Spirit, and they were taught.

We are so thankful to have a Temple in our Mission.

Yesterday, President Laycock and I had the privilege of attending the Temple with 10 Missionaries who are completing their Mission on Monday. As we prayed and pondered in the celestial room, our hearts were full of love and appreciation for the sacrifices these Missionaries have made to serve the Lord. They were all so clean and pure, dressed in the white robes of the Temple. We pray for them to continue to be the fine people that they have become.

Even eating on the run brings joy when we are serving the Lord!
Every Thursday, we conduct interviews and trainings. We just eat on the run.
Last Thursday, we had pizza at the side of a busy street
as we ran from one set of interviews and teaching sessions to the next. matter how busy we become,
we are always able to enjoy every minute of this urgent work,
because we know the Lord wants us to be always...
finding joy in the journey!

The Lord's work brings true joy!
The tallest and the shortest Missionaries in our Mission are companions.
Elder Castaneda is the shortest, and Elder Evans is the tallest.
We know the Lord has a sense of humor, because he put these two Elders together!
They have become a powerful companionship,
and they bring smiles to the faces of all they meet!

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Rose said...

October 12, 2009 I have just been informed by Elder Evans that he is NO longer the tallest missionary in the Santiago Chile East Mission! In fact, there are 2 other missionaries who are taller than he is! From: Elder Evans' mom