Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"My New Treasured Possession"

We are happy to report that every Missionary in the Mission will soon have a personal heater. We love our heaters. I take mine with me to interviews and other activities where I need to stay warm and toasty.

Some of our Missionaries asked me to let them take this picture of me with my heater because they think it is becoming an added appendage to me. I am thankful for it. I am also thankful that the weather has been a bit warmer recently.

Sometimes when we look at the Elders after we check over their Journals, and Agendas, and Area Books, they are actually rosy cheeked and sweating. I hope it's my heater and not their nerves that cause them the added warmth.

We love these Missionaries. They are faithful and diligent. We never hear them complain. They continue to press forward with faith whether it is cold or not, and they are fine examples of goodness and charity because they choose to serve the Lord every single day. We are blessed to have such faithful followers of Christ in our Mission.

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