Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Ideas for Christmas"

President Laycock enjoyed shining Missionaries' shoes this week
while Sister Laycock inspected pensiones.
Some Missionaries hesitated
when President Laycock asked them to remove their shoes so he could polish them.
We soon discovered why.

Apparently, these Sisters and many Elders in the Chile Santiago East Mission
have worked so hard and walked so many miles in search of new investigators that
they have worn out all of their socks.
Moms, if you would like a suggestion for a Christmas gift for your Missionary,
he or she can probably use some good wool stockings!
Just a thought.

After many pension inspections,
we prayerfully decided to take three hours of precious Missionary time this week to
clean and scrub and shine our "homes."

We reminded every Missionary that their pensiones are their homes and that a home is a sacred and holy place...a refuge and a protection from the world. We suggested that their homes should be a place where they can feel the Spirit as they study and plan and ponder and pray. We promised them that the Lord will bless them with more success as they diligently tend to the stewardship of their homes. In accordance with the Mission Manual, they will have a weekly cleaning guide hanging on the inside of their front door. They will straighten their homes daily, and they will follow the cleaning guide on preparation day.

We reminded them that the Spirit of God does not dwell in unclean places, and that they are to keep their "homes" clean at all times. After this special cleaning time, some Missionaries actually asked for more time on Monday...preparation finish cleaning.
These are wonderful Missionaries. They are obedient and diligent.
We love our Missionaries.

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