Sunday, October 18, 2009

18 New "Colors" to add to our Collection of Missionaries

This picture is taken in front of the chapel after our New Missionary training. Some of these Missionaries are new and some of them are our existing Missionaries. As we prayed about this new group of Elders and 1 Sister, we learned that they would be a "colorful" group of Missionaries. The Lord has guided us to use their individual talents and abilities to bless our Mission in unusual ways. We know without a doubt that these Missionaries will add the "color" that we need to have in order to bring to pass the Lord's vision. Estamos animados! We know that the Lord has a plan for His work here. Line upon line it is revealed to us as we work together to love and serve His children.
Isn't this a beautiful sight? A new army of fresh, excited, "colorful" Missionaries join our team. We can hardly wait to see what they do with the many talents and "colors" that they bring to the Chile Santiago East Mission!! We waited at the aiport
for them to come out of customs for many hours. We were starting to worry, but they finally made it through. It seems that little Hermana McDaniels was carrying a bag of Beef Jerky in her back pack. She was detained and fined a large amount of money. We all learned a valuable lesson: Don't try to bring food into Chile! She made it through a difficult situation with flying "colors" and several gallant Elders helped her pay her fine and kept her safe as she was questioned and searched...all in Spanish. She is strong, and the Lord has prepared all of these Missionaries to do all that He is asking of them.
We drove everyone straight to the Mission Home for some food and a brief orientation. Then their companions met them and hurried them away for their first day of true Mission work. They were so excited, even though they were tired, they could hardly wait to get out and try their Spanish skills. Can you feel the excitement! These Missionaries are ready to serve their Chilean Brothers and Sisters with great love. They have the vision to baptize! We are so thankful for them. We love them already, and we know that they will add incredible life and "color" to our Mission!

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wannabebum said...

Its nice to see my baby brother in such good hands. He is a very colorful one.