Sunday, October 18, 2009

Landon's "Colorful" 17th Birthday

Landon celebrated his 17th Birthday last month!
We put as much "color" into the celebration as we possibly could for him.
We love him so much.
He is a sweet young man with so much desire to serve the Lord.

Landon "colors" our lives here in the Mission;
he always thinks of fun things for us to do. He is happy and thoughtful.
The Missionaries never forget to include him.
They invite him to teach with them, and they always send their love to him.

We absolutely love the many "colors" of Landoncito.
We enjoy every minute of having him here with us.
The people here like to touch his face, and they tell us that he is "beautiful."
They say he looks like a movie star.
That is a bit embarrassing for you might imagine.
But he just smiles and says, "Gracias."

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Larissa Chase said...

That cake looks really delicious. MMMMM!