Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Los Que Se Van...Those Who are Leaving"

This is the "colorful" view of Santiago that we see from Cerro San Cristobal, a huge hill that we visit with every departing Missionary.

From this hill, we can see our entire Mission. It is a spectacular view on a clear day.

Our Missionaries take time to reflect upon their service and to think about their futures and what they will do with the rest of their lives.

We really enjoy this day every change, even though we are so sad to say goodbye to these good and faithful servants. This change, we bid farewell to three Missionaries: Sister Arroyo, Sister Hodgkin, and Elder Hall. Elder Jimenez also participated because he is the only Missionary who goes home after the next change. We love these Missionaries with all our hearts. They are the best of the best!

Hermana Hodgkin and Hermana Arroyo look out over the city for the last time. We all shed tears of sadness as well as tears of pure joy. We are so thankful for good servants of the Lord. These Hermanas have blessed the lives of so many people. They will continue to serve faithfully into eternity. The "color" of their service will paint our lives forever.

They are ready to go home to their own wards and stakes and continue to be the shining examples that they have been here. They have lifted and loved every person they have served.

What a beautiful sight...the faces of faithful Missionaries preparing to leave the Mission and begin their service at home. We are confident that these four Missionaries will be strong and capable and dependable leaders wherever they decide to "color" the Lord's Kingdom. We wish we could keep them here forever, but we know the Lord has more plans for them.They will be in our hearts forever!

This picture is taken in front of Los Dominicos. A picture of this sight is found on one of the Chilean Bills. We enjoy taking the Missionaries to several cultural sights on their last day in Santiago. We want them to remember the love they have for Santiago and for the people of Santiago.

Santiago is a colorful place, and we wish they could see it all before they leave.

We love these Missionaries!!!!!

Our Mission is better and stronger and much more "colorful"
because of them!

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