Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zone Conference #3 (North Zones)

"Working with Members" was the theme of this Zone Conference. We started with several excellent discursos (talks) by Missionaries. Each Zone Conference, every Missionary prepares a talk, and then President uses his inspiration to call upon several to deliver their talks. We love to hear from our Missionaries. They are always so uplifting. We learn so much from them. We also enjoy hearing how their Spanish has improved since the last Conference.
After they spoke, President "served" a wonderful object lesson. Poor Elder Trumbo volunteered to help and ended up having his cake and eating it, too. A beautiful cream-filled cake represented the Gospel. It rested upon a lovely setting, complete with China and a linen table cloth. Elder Trumbo sat down to take a bite of the cake, when President smashed it all over his face! Everyone was shocked! What we learned is that:
the Gospel is always the same...beautiful and inviting...
but how we serve it makes or breaks our ability to really share it.

(This was an object lesson used by President Packer in one of his zone conferences. The Assistants brought it to us to help us teach the value of planning and teaching well.)
Next, we watched a short section of the Preach My Gospel DVD about the importance of working effectively with Members. Then Elder Walker taught us about the importance of always being representatives of Jesus Christ in word and deed. Elder Perez taught us about the necessity of keeping our pensiones (apartments) clean and orderly so that the Spirit can dwell there and help us to recognize the inspiration that comes from the Lord.
Finally, Elder Martineau and Elder Rodriguez taught us to teach with love and to remember who we represent. They inspired us to have the "vision to baptize." This was a fun and informative Conference. We know that the Lord has put us together on this "team" to accomplish the work He has for us to do. We are excited, and we are humbled at this great responsibility. We will pray with all our might that the Lord will allow us to accomplish His vision. We know He will hear our prayers. Please pray with us for the Miracle of the Harvest to occur!

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Alex M. Jennings said...

Oh I would have LOVED to be there for the cake object lesson. Poor Elder Trumbo! Good thing he's a good sport! Keep up all the good work! - Alex Jennings