Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Loving Group of Missionaries Completed Their Missions on December 13, 2010

These loving missionaries completed their mission service during the month of December 2010.

They will always and forever hold a special place in our hearts. We can say without equivocation that every single time we were with them, we felt their love for the Lord, for us, for each other, and for the people of Chile. They did everything that the Lord asked them to do, and they did it all with a happy heart. When difficulties presented themselves, these missionaries adapted, improvised, and overcame. They looked for and found ways to use their own talents to bless so many lives and to be a light to all of us. They lifted our mission to a newer and higher level, and we will be eternally grateful for them and their selfless and loving service. Our mission will miss these fine missionaries tremendously, but we know that their influence will be felt forever in Santiago and now throughout the world as they serve wherever the Lord asks them to serve.

We know without a doubt that each of these missionaries has learned what Heavenly Father wanted him or her to learn during this season of full-time missionary service. We have felt it a great privilege to serve at their side because we witnessed the tremendous changes that occurred in their lives as they learned to humble themselves and rely completely on the Lord. We love them dearly!

We were privileged to spend a lovely day with them as we attended the Temple together and then took them to see special sights in Santiago. We enjoyed our last meal together and shared some counsel with them, and then President Laycock interviewed them and gave them each a blessing. He said that as he blessed them, he felt the overwhelming power of Heavenly Father's love for them completely fill his heart and body.

They have experienced many large and small mission miracles!

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