Sunday, January 30, 2011

President Laycock, President Leiva, President Escobar, Cordillera YM

It is a privilege to serve with the young men and...the younger men in our Mission!
We love them!

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Alysha said...

Hola Hermana Laycock, my name is Nick Smith, I served in your mission Nov 2003-05 for Pres Wilcox.
I now live in Laie, my wife serves w/your daughter Lacey in the BYUH 12th ward YW's Presidency.
When I was a student I worked as an RA w/Larissa, where I first heard about your special calling.
I just met Cory for the first time in the TVA office and he told me about your blog. I am so excited that I can be reconnected w/my mission!
I served in the Cordillera ward for 9 months when President Escobar was Bishop there, so I got to know him very well. So, to see him now as Stake Pres is very exciting for me. I would love it if u could get me his email address...
Well, I don't want to write a novel on your blog, but I can tell you guys are doing an excellent job in your special calling and I am very happy to read your blog.
If I could make one request: Would u include the names of all of the locations (wards)that you blog about? And I am going to turn all of my mission buddies onto your blog if u don't mind... I know they would love it and especially to see pictures of our old areas!
Thank u so much!
Just in case, my email is, and I don't have an account to my wife's blog, but she says if u would like to see our blog, send your email:)
Thanks so Much!