Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Missionaries "Finally" Arrived on January 12

This arrival of 7 new missionaries was different than any other we have had so far in our mission experience. A giant Atlanta ice storm made it impossible for the 6 missionaries coming from Utah to leave the Atlanta airport as scheduled. Their flight was cancelled!
We received notification from Salt Lake that the missionaries were offered a hotel for the night; however, they chose to stay in the airport...brave souls that they are.
Sister Romero came last week from Argentina, so she was not quite as tired as the others, but she got to experience most of her orientation in English, since she was the only Spanish speaker, with Elder Saenz translating for her...adapt, adjust, improvise, and overcome.

Their trainers waited patiently for them to arrive.

Instead of arriving on Tuesday morning as scheduled, they arrived on Wednesday morning. They were exhausted after very little sleep. We were so thankful when we saw that they were still smiling. They are remarkable young people, and we are so happy to add them to our mission.
We repeated one of our mission mottos over and over to them: When difficulties come, we adapt, adjust, improvise, and overcome. They certainly did that! They even said they taught a few people in the airport.

We can hardly wait to see what the Lord has planned
for these dear, faithful, young missionaries.
They have already proven that they can do hard things.
They will
be a great blessing to us.
We felt their strength as we spent the day orienting them.

President Laycock was able to interview each one.
They wrote letters to us and their families, we ate pizza,
and then we sent them off to their new sectors
with their fantastic companions.
We did instruct their companions
to get them to
bed earlier than usual
so they could be ready for the following day.

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