Saturday, January 15, 2011

Faithful Missionaries Were Scheduled to Return Home on January 10

We took these dear Missionaries to the airport to send them off to their homes. Elder Lopez, Sister Bran, and Elder Hastings were able to leave on their scheduled flights, but Elders Call and Palomarez and Elder and Sister Bushman got to stay a few extra days! Their flights were cancelled. We were happy to have them stay extra days, but I'm sure their families were not so happy. The storms in Atlanta made it impossible for thousands of flights to enter or leave the Airport in Atlanta, so Elder and Sister Bushman stayed with us at the mission home, and Elder Call and Elder Palomarez worked very hard as they helped the pensionistas with much work that blessed the mission. After two extra days, they were finally able to leave, and we know their families were grateful to get them safely home at last.

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