Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Each Day in the Mission Field Brings Growth to our Missionaries"

Where else on earth, can you find young men voluntarily working together for two years, sharing the Gospel and improving themselves and their world?

The Mission Field
is an amazing and wonderful place.

Elder Wyatt and Elder Laney are two of our loving Missionaries. They are becoming stronger and stronger every day. All of our Missionaries are gaining strength and courage and knowledge and commitment with each passing day.

Missionary Work is Miraculous!

Each day in the Mission Field is filled with hard work and sacrifice!

Our Missionaries are finding and teaching and baptizing with incredible strength. They walk and walk and walk...and walk until their shoes wear right out!

We took this picture of one of the Elder's shoes at Zone Conference last week. He said he was embarrassed of his shoes. We said...

These are shoes to be proud of!

Can we put them on the Mission Blog?"

He reluctantly agreed to let us show you all how hard our Missionaries are working.
These shoes are size 13! Don't worry! We will find some replacements.

Yes, their shoes may wear out, but their hearts only become stronger and more loving with every missionary step they take. As Missionaries in the Santiago East Mission, we are learning to "go one more door." The Lord is teaching all of us the value of using every single minute of His time. We are committed to make sure that we do not waste His precious time.

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Lisa said...

The shoe brand Ecco is made to not do that.I bought them for my Elder in San Diego after the Mission President recommended them when his first pair fell apart.The Eccos are holding up to the missionary work.I love your blog.You are amazing.