Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"El milagro de la cosecha" The Activity

We began by expressing our gratitude to everyone for all they are doing to be obedient and to accomplish the Lord’s work. Then President Laycock explained that, “one of the most important things we do as Missionaries is to plan, “so tonight,” he said, we are planning a miracle. This miracle is not going to simply happen. Instead, we 150 of God’s children (under God’s direction and with His power) will help to create this miracle.”

He explained that the Laycock family loves to plan something special for Christmas every year. “As it is my right to do,” he explained, “I have seen the vision of what this Mission can do. Our gift for the Savior this year, will be to create a Christmas miracle, and we will call it The Miracle of the Cosecha.”

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