Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zone Conference #2 "What is My Purpose As a Missionary?" Spiritual Food and Physical Food

We really enjoy Zone Conferences. Every six weeks we are able to join together and work on what the Lord wants us to learn, practice, and prepare to better serve Him. We are always fed spiritually as well as physically. We like to take pictures of the physical food so that we can share with you how well we are taken care of. We almost forgot to post these pictures, but this food was so good, we just had to share.

These pictures are of our Zone Conference during the week of the 18th of September...the Chilean celebration week. For our appetizer, we had 2 ginormous empanadas filled with meat and olives and onions and other yummy vegetables and a huge roll. Then the main course was roast beef, potato salad, and the typical onion and tomato chilean salad. Dessert was a favorite Chilean dessert...mote con huesillo which is a peach that has been soaked and boiled and boiled with a grain of some sort. It was delicious.

Landon, our son, was skeptical when he saw it because he thought it looked exactly like a monkey brain. He was really excited to taste it because he likes to be able to say that he has experienced the Chilean culture in every way possible. He liked it and ate the whole thing...except for the pit of course.

Please don't worry about your sons and daughters. They eat every day at the home of a member in their ward. The members love to feed the Missionaries. Sometimes, we are told that they even fight over who gets to feed them. The members love these Missionaries so much. They love to have them in their homes to feel their love for the Savior. We are so very grateful for good, faithful members who honor their covenants and are willing to give all they have to help build up the Kingdom of God on the earth.


Allen III said...

Love your blog! My son, Elder Ostergar, just arrived and its great to see some of the people he will work with and some of the food he will experience. All our love, the Ostergars

Lisa said...

Dear Brother Ostergar,
My son is in your son's mission.His name is Elder Mark David Hansen.Was your dad Mission pres in Ky Louisville? I remember you guys if you are that family... My maiden name was Lisa Hall..now Hansen.