Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"El milagro de la cosecha" The Beginning

Friday September 18 was a wonderful day. In Chile, it is the National Holiday, so the entire week is filled with celebrations of the country. School is closed, and many businesses are also closed. Santiago has a huge military parade and many activities with horses and incredible costumes and dancing and unbelievable food. It was a nice week for us with our son, Landon because he got to attend everything we did with us…including Zone Conference and the Mission Activity. It is always so much fun to have him with us. He has such a good attitude about all of it…hours of Spanish Gospel learning with parents may not be most teens’ idea of fun. He never complains. He reminds me of our son Logan when he was on his mission. We never once heard a complaint out of him. We are so thankful for our kids. They never complain that we are not there for them like we used to be.

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday, which was great! Then we had a Mission activity Friday night, and it was a wonderful time for all of us. The Mission really needed a “pick-me-up” and so we had the activity to motivate and inspire everyone. In order to get into the activity, everyone was asked to bring their Area Books (These are books each companionship keeps to keep track of everyone they are finding and teaching and to help them communicate to the Ward and Stake Leaders what they are working on and how they can best work together.) in perfect condition as their ticket to get into the activity. (We had a room where they could go and fix their books if they had not yet perfected their books…with all the supplies they needed to do that…repentance is a wonderful principle!!!)

We all entered the Chapel, and yes we had Christmas Music playing on the piano. Sister Griffith was playing and some sisters sang Christmas Carols. The Elders and Sisters were puzzled. Why Christmas music in September? President Laycock and I stood at the pulpit reverently and smiled as everyone entered. Everyone was excited, but they were very reverent. We could feel the electricity of the Holy Spirit in the air, and we could feel the Lord’s approval as we looked into the sweet faces of our Missionaries. They work so hard, and they are learning so much.

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