Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Nuevitos Arrive Tuesday August 25, 2009"

On our way from the airport to the Mission Home with the newly arriving Missionaries, we stopped to visit Temple Square. These new Missionaries were tired from their long journey, but the excitement in their eyes and the smiles on their faces were perfect. We know that their service here will be a precious gift of love to all they meet.

Bright and early on the brisk morning of August 25th, 2009 we greeted this shining group of new Missionaries. Their enthusiasm was absolutely fabulous! They shared stories with us about their contacts on the plane, and they asked many questions as we drove to the Temple and then on to the Mission Home for a little breakfast and a short orientation. Once the orientation was finished, their new companions were waiting for them on the back patio. We introduced them in a sweet sort of ceremony, and then President Laycock taught all of us the parable of the Geese. We took pictures of them, and by noon of their first day in the Mission, they were on the streets of Santiago ready to find, teach, and baptize. They all had lunch that first day in a member's home. We can hardly wait to see the miracles these Elders and Sisters will help help bring to pass in the Chile Santiago East Mission.


Ashlee Nelson said...

haha one of those was in my ward last year and one of my fhe brothers, elder hansen.

Lisa said...

My son Elder Mark Hansen is in the Aug 25 arrival group.He is the Elder directly in the middle of the group picture.Thank you so much for doing this blog.You are truly blessing my life and I am grateful for you.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the blog.I am Elder Mark David Hansen's mom.He was the Elder Hansen who arrived on Aug 25.Keep posting those pics!!!Please!!