Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Missionary Training Friday August 28, 2009..."Saving Souls is Urgent Work!"

On Friday, August 28 2009 our New Missionary Training was a great experience for all of us. We learned about all of the important aspects of the Mission. The Assistents to the President taught us that our need to Find, Teach, and Baptize is absolutely urgent!

We had a wonderful morning of training, and then we ate lunch together. The lunch was delicious: roast cooked to perfection in a big pot, mashed potatoes, corn, and a fruit dessert. It was so nice to see these new Missionaries so excited about the work. They shared many miracles that they had already seen in the four days they have been here. We are representatives of Jesus Christ. We are Missionaries. We are grateful for our opportunity to serve together here in Chile.

As Missionaries, we are literally in the business of saving people. President Laycock taught us that saving people spiritually is even more important than saving people physically. He told us that he used to be a life guard during high school. When someone was in trouble and was drowning, often that person would fight the very person who was trying to save him. Did President Laycock ever simply say, "Well, it doesn't look like this one wants to be saved, so I'll just swim away and let someone else try to save him." No...he fought to near-exhaustion and never gave up until the drowning person was safely out of danger. Then President Laycock taught: It is the same with someone who is "drowning" spiritually. We must never say or think: 'Hmm, this one doesn't seem to want to be saved. Someone else will have to try to rescue him.'

This work of saving souls is URGENT!

We cannot give up until we have done all we can possibly do
to rescue everyone we meet."

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Cindy said...

What a wonderful blog!! We love having a window into our sons mission!!! Hes so happy!!!