Monday, September 7, 2009

"Tears of Joy"

A Missionary's placa (namecard)
is a sacred possession. Our sweet Missionaries who were enjoying their last visit to the Mission Home quietly hung their name tags in the blossoming tree just outside the Mission Home. It touched our hearts to watch them as they smiled and took pictures. They were solemn, yet full of hope for bright futures filled with many years of living the Gospel and leading friends and families to the truth. Many of these young people are returning home as the only member of the Church in their family. Their strength and conviction is astounding! We will remember these Elders and Sisters as the musical missionaries. They sing so beautifully. As we drove in the cars to deliver them to the last few places they would visit in the mission, they often spontaneously broke into song. They could harmonize so perfectly, and their voices blended so well. To us, they sounded like a choir of heavenly Angels. Tears of joy filled our eyes as our hearts overflowed with love for them. We are grateful to them for their examples of courage and commitment.

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